BPAC: Security perspectives from Zsolt Korös


Video transcript:


“I am Dr Zsolt Korös from the Noreg company from Hungary. I am the CEO of this company. We specialise in the security market, which means that we only deal with security services, installing security solutions and giving services to the customers like implementation, support and training.”


Why partner with IBM?

“The people within Hungary IBM were very helpful, and we got a lot of help from them. This was one of the points. The other point is their portfolio that IBM would offer on the security market.

“Our first installation of the QRadar product in Hungary, which was IBM’s first installation also – we had very good experiences and the customers were also satisfied. So, we saw that was a good way to go on.”


How does a partnership with IBM add value to, and help you grow your business?

“IBM takes this market seriously, and we see that IBM really invests a lot of money and effort into this market, and this can be a good point for us to go forward with IBM.”


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