BPAC: Security perspectives from Sebastian la Cour


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“Hi, my name is Sebastian la Cour, I’m a business development manager working for SecureDevices.”


Describe your relationship with IBM

“We started working with IBM 11 years ago, in 2006, through the acquisition of ISS Internet Security Services. We have a commitment to our customers, that it has to be the market-leading solutions to get the job done.

When IBM bought ISS, we weren’t a security partner at IBM, but we started this collaboration with them and, since then, we have chosen a lot more solutions from IBM Security, and they have also acquired some of the other products and solutions that we have chosen before. So, we’re just being more and more merged with IBM, and IBM is on a really good path looking at the right solutions, in our eyes.”


Which IBM solutions are you using and how do they help your business?

“We have a really holistic approach to security, so when we start the dialogue with the customer, we talk about the immune system, IT security as an immune system and look really holistically at it. So, it’s really seldom that we go in with one product in the dialogue.

“We cover endpoint security, we cover application security, management, SIEM, mobile, a lot of different solutions. One of the big solutions at the moment is, for example, is QRadar SIEM, working with logs and adding value through intelligence. And that’s a really big thing, but also doing a lot with endpoint security.”


What particular strengths has IBM shown during the partnership?

“When we go into dialogue regarding the solution, we get really good feedback from the solutions from IBM Security. But what we see as a really big strength in the solutions from IBM, is the whole intelligence underneath and of course also the ongoing development from IBM. So, we’re as, compared to IBM, smaller specialised business partner in the Nordics, but we have this big muscle of IBM in our back.”


What do you offer to your customers?

“Our consultants are really technically heavy, and that is one of the challenges that our clients face: they have a skills shortage; it’s really tough to find the right people. So, when they’re looking at solutions, the solution cannot stand alone, they really want the solution and the services on top of this.

“So, we always address the clients telling them: what is the endpoint product for them? How can they actually get value out of this?”


How do you value your partnership with IBM?

“In terms of collaboration with IBM, we’re a special kind of partner, I think, because we have a lot of skills; we want to do it in our way, we want to have the dialogue with the customer. What we really find good in the relationship with IBM is that they really understand us, they do not want to push us in the back and handle the client dialogue themselves. So, they are really there when we need them, to go forward, but also they understand and respect our dialogue with the customers, when we just need their support in the background.”


How would you sum up the advantages of IBM?

“IBM have the greatest portfolio, but as we used to say, for our customers: ‘IT is not just about the tools, it’s also about the technicians actually handling these tools.’ And the combination of their market-leading tools, and our security specialists really makes a good match.”


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