BPAC: Security perspectives from Johan Arts


We caught up with Johan Arts for a chat at the Security Business Partner Advisory Council.


Video transcript:

“Hello, I’m Johan Arts, and I’m the Vice President for IBM Security here in Europe. And I feel very passionate about our channel strategy and programs.

“We have an objective to double our business by 2020, and the channel strategy is a key component to realise that objective.

“In order to do that, we define our programs around the three Es. First of all, we need to clearly set the rules of engagement, so we know where we’re going to operate in collaboration with our partners. Second of all, we need to drive strong enablement in our programs, so we can transfer skills and competencies and knowledge about our offerings. And thirdly, we need to enrich our programmes, so that they have the right level of margins for our partners, to make money with us.

“And above all of that, we believe that the core to our success is to build trusted, local relationships, so that when things go wrong, we can look each other in the eye and we can find a proper resolution. Because we’re going to be successful if we’re in this together.”

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