BMI SYSTEM: Accelerating GDPR Compliance with IBM


Since 2004, BMI SYSTEM has aided their clients in complying with ethical and transparent requirements in complex regulation environments relating to personal data management and has established itself as a software industry leader for life sciences businesses.

BMI SYSTEM have created a number of Software as a Service and on premise solutions including ORYGA, which helps their partners remain compliant with the EU’s GDPR.

Since partnering with IBM, BMI SYSTEM has developed a software solution integrating IBM tools so as to allow companies to identify personal data within the organisation’s Information System (IS) in order to automatically map their data and information flows – accelerating GDPR compliance.

A strong figure in the healthcare sector, BMI SYSTEM is now also taking advantage of IBM’s global presence to expand their reach into new markets including businesses in the banking and financial sectors where their ORYGA solution could also prove effective.

Watch this video to get further insight into BMI SYSTEM´s partnership with IBM and how it is strengthening their technological foundations and helping them expand into new markets.

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