Blueit: Innovating in the world of agriculture


The world is embracing potential faster than ever. The advent of new technologies is enabling fresh possibilities for service providers like you, even in areas once thought of as far away from innovation.

Blueit’s bioBotGuard is just one example of a solution that delivers change where it’s really needed.

Through a combination of drone technology, high-resolution cameras, GPS and the IBM Watson Visual Recognition System, Blueit’s quest for enhanced sustainability is starting to bring the traditional methods of the agricultural industry into the modern era.

That’s not to say that this industry has never experienced innovation, far from it. But when it comes to the technology of today, the agricultural industry really is beginning to ripen for creative opportunities.

bioBotGuard provides detailed geo-referenced maps, designed to show the risk of attack from harmful insects, with a higher level of reliability. With these insights, crops can then be treated in a more focused way, reducing the impact on costs and the environment.

And with their innovative solution, developed in just four months, Blueit became 2017 Global Champion at the IBM Watson Build Challenge.

Watch the video to learn more.

By combining a variety of technologies and cognitive capabilities, businesses can explore advanced ways to fulfil their ambitions and bring meaningful change, perhaps even disruption, to industries.

It’s time to help your customers take full advantage. It’s just about finding the right approach. Get started by joining IBM Watson Build 2018.

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