Wimbledon serves up instant highlights with IBM technology


Wimbledon is renowned for exhilarating tennis, strawberries, cream – and the world’s most innovative technology. For over 30 years, the All-England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) has teamed up with IBM to create insightful experiences through innovative AI and cloud solutions. This year they’re serving up real-time highlights by analysing player gestures and audience reactions, all provided by an IBM Watson taught to recognise the inadvertent bias of a crowd favourite.

IBM Announce Fresh Watson AI Tech Powering Wimbledon 2019 Tennis Championships
Lee Bell Forbes

Differentiating the iconic traditional tennis tournament from others across the world, AELTC and IBM have come together to offer enhanced, as-it-happens AI-powered automated video highlights. They’ve also developed an app allowing users to interactively ask any related questions.


Wimbledon AI tech will examine players’ reactions to instantly decide best bits of every tennis match
Izzy Lyons, Daily Telegraph

For the first time ever, IBM Watson has been taught to understand the strike of a tennis ball on a racquet, or to pick up anything from an agonising gasp to a celebratory cheer from the crowd. It empowers commentators to automatically generate the best highlights in just two minutes.


Wimbledon highlights to be produced by AI
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With up to four matches taking place over 18 courts each day, the thousands of hours of Wimbledon coverage would normally have to be painstakingly combed through by editors seeking highlights. Yet IBM Watson creates a highlights package within just two minutes of the winning point.


Wimbledon 2019 will feature more AI power than ever before
Mike Moore, techradar.pro

The new IBM Watson Acoustics analytics deployed at Wimbledon can detect exactly when the ball has been struck, allowing tighter cropping of highlight clips while saving vital time and maximising every second of rights footage. Watson Open Scale even recognises the players’ excitement levels.


Wimbledon 2019 is set to be one of the most technologically advanced yet thanks to IBM partnership
Laura Mullan, Gigabit

Wimbledon highlights are being clipped as precisely as possible as IBM Watson detects the exact moment a ball strikes a racket while also measuring crowd excitement levels. Through analysing gameplay statistics, it instantly ranks match highlights even as a game finishes.


New tools, please’: The Wimbledon 2019 technology guide
Steven Impey, SportsPro

Wimbledon, IBM, Amazon and Google have joined forces to integrate bespoke voice-command functionality into connected devices including Alexa or Google, allowing watchers to interactively ask questions throughout the event.  The My Wimbledon app is even tailored to various global markets.


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