Blockchain: create value, scale fast and open new markets

Blockchain is like a network technology that does a variety of things. First, it can create a large business network that ties people and entities together; second, it has the core ability to digitize and trade assets; and the third value proposition is that it provides one single shared ledger in a decentralized state so it can cross markets and sectors.” Oscar Roque, AVP, Mobile Product and Platform Development, Interac

For some businesses, blockchain may be a question mark but the truth is that it continues to gather momentum, particularly as its value for being a single source of truth is realised.

An IBM Institute for Business Value survey of over 1,600 executives across eight industries reveals that more than 60 per cent of early adopter organisations surveyed expect to have a blockchain network in production by 2020.1

Organisations focused on designing a minimum viable ecosystem (MVE) with shared value, rather than a minimum viable product (MVP), are more likely to be successful with blockchain. And case study analysis has shown this.

With IBM’s technology you’ll not only be able to design and rapidly adopt distributed ledgers, but be capable of leveraging the global scale, business domain expertise and deep cloud integration experience required for their application.

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1 – IBM Institute for Business Value analysis based on IBM Blockchain industry series.

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