Automotive meets predictive to achieve better processes


Volvo Group has traditionally been very good in reactive reporting, but now the big area grabbing their attention is in predictive maintenance.

In the video you’ll gain an insight into how the growing business need for predictive maintenance led to Volvo Group’s decision to invest in a new predictive analytics platform using IBM SPSS.

This new platform would not only help the Group gather information residing in their enterprise data warehouse but fulfil the uptime commitments on Volvo Group trucks.

But it’s not just about achieving better processes or answering the question: ‘How can I prevent, detect and manage product quality issues in manufacturing?’. Peter Wallin, BI Solution Architect at Volvo Group says: “There are so many business opportunities where we can predict other things, that will either decrease costs or increase sales”.

Starting with predictive maintenance, Volvo Group will achieve insight that will enable them to compete more strongly in the automotive space.

Read the case study for the full story.

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