Augmented analytics: embrace the data-driven revolution

Make no mistake, we are right in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution, and this one offers the potential for disruption unlike any before it. This one is driven by data.

The companies that succeed in this revolution will be the ones who embrace the changes and make quick, confident, data-driven decisions.

With so much data to play with, technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, pattern detection, data science and more have a vast ocean of information to pull insights from. What we might learn in the next few years alone is truly exciting. It’s also an opportunity to break old norms.

According to some estimates, 40 to 60 percent of a business analyst’s time is typically spent searching for data or preparing it – the groundwork that must be done before any actual analysis can happen.

But the problem is many simply don’t know where to start when it comes to adopting the analytics they need. But that’s where you can help them, with the all-new IBM Cognos Analytics.

IBM Cognos Analytics brings business intelligence up to speed with the moment we live in. It isn’t built only for the enterprise but for the everyday user, meaning everyone in the organisation can be involved in the bigger picture through:

  • Smarter self-service
  • Smarter data prep and modelling
  • Smarter reporting and dashboarding

By infusing AI into business intelligence, you can help your clients reimagine what’s possible. Find out more in our IBM Cognos Analytics smart paper.

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