Audioburst: enabling a next-generation listening experience


In this video, you’ll see how Audioburst has created an on-demand audio platform that allows users to engage with audio and voice content, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing.

Audio from sources like radio, podcasts and news is often gone before you’ve even realised it and trying to ‘catch up’ with that content is almost impossible, making much of the world’s audio content too easy to miss. At the same time, the idea of searching for specific audio from a podcast or radio related to your interests has previously been impossible.

“Think about it.” Says Gal Klein, CTO and co-founder at Audioburst, “You’re listening to something very important on the radio or have a cool piece of podcast you want to share. That’s currently impossible. That’s a very hard task to accomplish.”

So, what Audioburst wanted to do was create the next-generation of listening experiences for users, through the world’s largest audio library and with the power of artificial intelligence.

With technology that listens to millions of live and pre-recorded audio segments every day Audioburst has been able to build a platform that makes that content both accessible and discoverable.

“The computing power and engineering expertise and knowledge to accomplish this task is incredible…IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding is training constantly and enables us to enrich our solution.

“As a start-up our mission is to drive for new markets quickly, and the partnership with IBM enables us to do that with ease and speed.” Gal Klein.

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