Analytics insights: making data simple, with Adam Weinstein

In this podcast, host Al Martin takes a close look at a variety of topics in the world of analytics, including Big Data Analytics and data fluency.

During the podcast, Al also introduces us to Cursor CEO and co-founder, Adam Weinstein, who describes his data analytics company and provides his views on what helps create a successful start-up.

As a service provider you know better than anyone that, in the world of analytics, it’s all about turning insights into action, and to do that your clients need the right analytics solutions for their business.

When it comes to data, Adam talks about how you get a whole business on the same page. More and more people in roles that previously didn’t need to be data fluent and literate, now need to be. There’s a requirement to be able to understand data, where it comes from and be able to validate that it’s accurate.

While AI experiences growing usage among businesses, our first step should be focused on solidifying our data – knowing where it lives, where usage is occurring and so on. Then we can start to build relevance into what people are looking for in that data and uncover relationships in a meaningful way; whether that be looking across platforms to discover relationships, connections or similarities that need to be identified.

Over time, as more data gets pulled in, there’s more opportunity to expand how we use AI to improve relevance and identify things that are useful to a given user.

Adam’s perspectives on start-ups are of importance because setting up the companies of the future is all about how we support those small businesses, including start-ups. Enabling them to focus on their areas of expertise, while working in partnership with the bigger companies really is key to providing truly integrated solutions.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, don’t forget to find out more about growing your analytics solutions with IBM, afterwards.

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