IBM Cloud Kubernetes: the ultimate in app development


In this video, Adam de Leeuw, IT Specialist at IBM, talks about how enterprises have long been searching for the ultimate in server-side application development, a software architecture capable of:

  • Scaling infinitely
  • Healing automatically
  • Always being available

And that’s where IBM’s fully-certified, managed Kubernetes Service in the cloud comes in. It enables you to help your clients rapidly delivery their applications, while having the option of tapping into IBM’s comprehensive and intelligent cloud services, like AI, for added value.

Through an intuitive user interface, the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service works by creating a cluster of compute hosts and deploys highly available containers. This cluster lets you securely manage the resources that you need to quickly deploy, update and scale applications with complete control.

Why not join us, and benefit from being able to offer clients the capabilities from a whole catalogue of IBM technology? Get started with IBM Cloud Kubernetes for free.

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