Access fully managed OpenShift clusters with the click of a button


It’s easier to create Kubernetes clusters than you might think.

Utilising OpenShift’s web console, which itself leverages the highly scalable IBM Cloud, you can easily plan, design, and create your flexible solutions.

Red Hat OpenShift allows you to focus on developing and managing your applications, while IBM handles the infrastructure, providing you with fully managed OpenShift clusters on the click of a button.

You benefit from IBM’s expertise yet can still access any other supplier’s technology, enabling you to build dependable applications for your clients that can be moved and securely managed across all clouds.

In fact, this combination of open source and hybrid infrastructure allows you to build once and deploy anywhere.

The flexibility of Red Hat OpenShift on the IBM Cloud Platform ensures you and your clients gain market responsiveness, velocity, scalability and reliability.

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Deploy OpenShift workloads with the scale of IBM Cloud

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