Accelerate your clients’ security operations with IBM QRadar


You can now help your clients accelerate their security operations, effectively detecting and responding to threats with speed, accuracy and insight.

As Valory Batchellor, Security Channel Technical Lead IJK&I, explains in this webinar, IBM QRadar is the Intelligent SIEM, with customisable analytics for threat hunting as well as utilising Al-powered insights. It offers automated analytics and correlation, responding with similarly automated remediation and orchestration. It also provides rapid onboarding of new Data Intelligence sources.

Presented by the IBMer top Subject Matter Experts, Demo Days Come To You are part of the SaaS Academy, a series of recordings on Webex giving you up to the minute details of some of our top SaaS offerings. They also explain how you can leverage IBM technologies to expand the portfolio of solutions you can offer your clients.

Give your clients the analytics, action and automation of IBM QRadar security by watching the webinar above.

There are more specially prepared and recorded webinars for you, see the next instalment here.

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