Aberdeen Report: Moving beyond basic business intelligence

With so much data channelling it’s way through modern businesses, the need to adopt an analytics solution capable of aggregating, analysing and interpreting data successfully has become essential.

Recent research by Aberdeen has shown one avenue the best-in-class firms are taking is an enterprise-wide business intelligence analytics solution, with key importance placed on ease of use.

Best-in-class companies are not only forward thinking in the use of their technology, but also in the way they structure their organisations to support the use of that technology. With a strong foundation of data-driven activity, top companies can exploit the power of the best BI solutions available and deliver tangible results to their organisation.” Aberdeen, May 2018.

Clients like yours are looking for a solution that not only enables non-technical users to get to grips with data quickly, but one that can provide those users with compelling and easy to understand visualisations to any insights that can be taken advantage of.

To get the most from their data, your clients need to ensure that the business intelligence solution they’re adopting is easy to use and can integrate multiple platforms with disparate data. Aberdeen also recommends understanding and implementing AI, machine learning and deep learning capabilities to discover new insights and increase performance.

Get the full findings in the Aberdeen report: Moving beyond basic BI.

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