A Solitaire Interglobal Study on platform-selection impact

Your clients don’t really want to know about metrics, chip speed and bandwidth; their eyes are set on market share, profitability, and being faster, safer, and more cost-effective.

To provide you with real-world insights into the way businesses approach SAP HANA adoption, IBM asked a non-biased industry analysis group, Solitaire Interglobal Ltd, to examine the impact of platform selection. As an impartial survey, it also includes findings on the applications of x86 Linux offerings using Skylake, Broadwell, and other pre-Broadwell systems.

The data gathered from the companies – reporting directly to SIL – along with the accompanying observations and conclusions, is invaluable. It offers a realistic, rather than theoretical, understanding of how the choice and use of different architectures can affect your clients.

The primary behavioural characteristics of software and hardware were examined carefully, across a large group of business systems. Not surprisingly, there are significant differentiators at play when it comes to successfully navigating a client’s journey to incorporating a scheme fulfilling all their specialised needs.

Amongst many important findings, the study discovered that expectations of performance are being exceeded in over 74% of the IBM POWER HANA deployments, while IBM POWER8 and POWER9 Linux architecture consistently delivers:

  • the most resilient computing platform record
  • substantial advantages in performance
  • reduced TCO and security risks
  • faster up-and-running operating system integration
  • easy handling of unexpected activity spikes
  • more capabilities with fewer staff resources
  • the most cost-effective solution

If you’d like a better understanding of the challenges that need to be addressed – and how you can deal with them – then take a look at the study.

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