A shared aim: Seeking a better world through innovation


The Tech Innovation Festival of early November, with its focus on responsible innovation and computing, has already inspired a number of organisations to begin thinking of the ways they can personally make a positive impact on the challenges facing today’s world.

The transformative solutions required lie in embracing broader, highly supportive partner ecosystems, as avidly discussed by globally renowned specialists brought together for the event.

You can catch up on the essential themes explored by watching the attached video of a corporate panel of innovators who have proven expertise in addressing the revolutionary strategies essential to answering the key challenges.


The Panel of Experts

Hosted by Deborah Threadgold, VP CSI & Next Gen Ecosystem Europe, the panel consists of four visionaries from a wide range of industries and fields. One thing they can all agree on, though, is that more responsible forms of computing are increasingly vital.


Liz Choonara, Head of Entrepreneurship, Crisis

Crisis is an organisation working to end homelessness through entrepreneurship and the development of new ventures.

Liz Choonara leads the development and implementation of the Crisis enterprise strategy determining how social enterprise and entrepreneurs can contribute to ending homelessness. This is accomplished by providing training opportunities for clients, deepening and strengthening relationships with supporters, and generating revenue.

She manages the Crisis Enterprise team tasked with achieving income, member training outcome, and supporter engagement targets, as well as developing new enterprises in partnership with Crisis staff and supporters to deliver essentials services and packages to those experiencing homelessness.


Jon Rains, General Manager Mott MacDonald Ventures

Leading the Mott MacDonald Ventures team investing in startups to deliver the best outcomes, Jon Rains is an experienced innovation manager, particular in the area of improving infrastructure for the benefit of society.

Mott MacDonald Ventures maintain that developers, owners and operators have a responsibility to meet social and economic needs in a way that puts safety first, protects or enhances the natural environment, and delivers reliable services.

Exponential advances in digital technology have unlocked waves of innovation across all industries, but infrastructure has been slow to exploit these opportunities. The challenge is how to enable innovation in a way that does not introduce unacceptable levels of risk.


Caroline Gorski, Group Director R2 Data Labs Rolls-Royce

The global data innovation division of Rolls-Royce, R2 Data Labs pioneer and develop the expertise, capabilities and digital-first culture needed to achieve Rolls-Royce’s digital strategy.

Caroline Gorski believes that building a data innovation ecosystem revolves around developing a collaborative ecosystem of digital partners.

The data innovation catalyst inside Rolls-Royce, R2 Data Labs exists to deliver untapped value from data, acting as a development hub for new services that, amongst other essential roles, addresses the risks and opportunities associated with climate change.


Fabrizio Furbini, Head of Sustainability & Partnerships Enel

For Enel Energia, sustainable development and clean energy are goals to be valued and divulged. How? By sustaining companies that choose to respect the environment.

Fabrizio Furbini has experience of overseeing an Enel training programme on solar panels in South Africa that ultimately created a labour market and a fabric of local small and medium-sized enterprises.

“If you do not involve communities, business does not grow in a sustainable manner,” he says, adding, “There is no difference between NGOs and multinationals; we have the same goals to improve the lives of people.”


Take up the challenge to make a difference

Are you and your clients prepared for the impact of emerging technologies and the growing need for more responsible computing?

Are you already thinking about the role you and your solutions could play in making a difference?

If so, you may be interested in accepting the responsible.computing () Tech Innovation Challenge.

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