A game-changing multicloud management solution


The average enterprise now uses six or more clouds, public and private, together with hundreds of clusters – all of which can lead to scattered workloads, security gaps, and limited output visibility.

Obviously, your clients need the ability to effectively manage all their multiple data centres as if they were a single environment.

In this video, IBM Fellow Bala Rajaraman explains how IBM Multicloud Manager leverages open-source technology and your clients’ existing tools to offer a holistic view of every application, via an integrated dashboard.

With regulated industries such as banking, healthcare and insurance particularly in mind, he also demonstrates how an otherwise complex Kubernetes environment can be orchestrated with the click of a button, leading to increased flexibility and cost savings.

Watch the video to see how your clients can be assured of full visibility across all multicloud infrastructures.

What’s more, you can offer your clients IBM Multicloud Manager by partnering with us and claiming $12.000 worth of IBM Cloud credits, absolutely free.



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