5G: more than speed, it can spark an electronics revolution

5G, or ‘5th generation’ networks are set to bring about huge changes in the mobile world, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections; potentially even help people break free of the tether to line-based networks. But it’s not all about mobile devices. Far from it.

The advent of 5G promises to deliver so much more than a better mobile phone experience and, in fact, power a huge uprising in technology concerning the Internet of Things.

5G has the capacity to unlock the full power of the 30 billion IoT devices expected to be connected by 2030. Further, analysts estimate that by 2035, the 5G value chain will drive upwards of USD 3.5 trillion of new economic output, supporting 22 million jobs.

But while these figures sound appealing, the electronics industry really must tap into 5G’s full potential to realise innovation beyond mere handsets. In this whitepaper, we talk about:

  • How 5G investments must find strong returns
  • Bringing new use cases to life
  • New partnerships and joint ventures
  • Real or lofty expectations across industry

Learn how the convergence of 5G, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are beginning to transform businesses and lives around the world.

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