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Even now, the pandemic continues to dominate global headlines.

It continues, too, to emphasise how critical remote working, business agility, and digital customer engagement are to business.

In response, organisations are seeking the means to embed resiliency and flexibility into their operations.

Yet the new post-pandemic thinking shouldn’t be just about survival but, rather, regraded as an advantageous turning point for digital transformations.

And the time for business leaders to act is now.

The great rethink

As explained in more detail in the informative blog, ‘Post-pandemic thinking: how industries can break out of survival mode’, industries had been compelled to embrace innovation long before the onset of the pandemic.

Many organisations had found themselves facing pressure from ‘digital disruptors’, along with more traditional large-scale disruption due to shifting market dynamics.

Even so, the majority of businesses had been taking an incremental approach to technology adoption, avoiding large-scale transformations.

Unfortunately, despite the great rethink engendered by the pandemic, that mindset still prevails to some extent.

The adoption of mission-critical technology has still been in many cases incrementalistic as opposed to transformational.

It’s essential for business leaders to explore ways of transcending this responsive, survival mode to discover instead new means of reviving the will to thrive again.


Not a crisis but an opportunity

As the blog asks:  How far will we challenge the art of what’s possible for our organisations?

This is an opportunity to challenge and completely rethink preconceived notions about how things must be done.

We can start to do that now by applying the lessons learned from earlier stages of the pandemic.

There are many examples throughout history of businesses fully reinventing themselves, born out of a need to face down a crisis.

From a technology perspective, innovations including cloud, blockchain, IoT, and more are reaching a stage of real maturity and robustness.

‘They are there for the taking’, the blog quite rightly insists.


Embracing change

According to a recent Omdia survey of over 300 UK companies, 88% of organisations across all industries agreed that technology helped them mitigate the pandemic’s impact.

60% are considering changing their business and operating models, citing this as one of their main challenges beyond lockdown.

New digital products and services, an intelligent supply chain, and omnichannel customer engagement are seen as priority objectives.

Obviously, there are many challenges ahead, while the entire business and societal environment will be indelibly altered.

And yet the opportunity is there for organisations to emerge smarter and stronger.

Will your clients’ businesses be amongst them?

To ensure you’re prepared to embrace the transformational changes required, read the blog today.

Of course, enabling your clients to thrive will require not just innovation, but also agility and speed, empowered by building and delivering your solutions faster via the most open and secure cloud for business.

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