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Even though we can’t always see what the future holds, we know it will change because we’re always striving to understand and do things differently. It’s an exciting prospect; an enabling one.

And the application of cloud technology is no exception.

Businesses need the cloud to enjoy modern business acceleration and agility, while at the same time staying secure, reducing cost and delivering consistent customer service, globally.

We already know that the cloud is a proven mode of transformation but, for some businesses, the challenges involved with getting there are greater, or just not viable.

So, today, we find ourselves in a hybrid multicloud world, no longer bound to the idea that public cloud is the end game. Deep down, we all knew this would happen; it had to.

If you we’re worried because you weren’t among those businesses running entirely from the public cloud, well, it’s time to relax – the cloud debate is over.

Public cloud will, in a small way, join that archive of nostalgia – those conversations reflecting on the way we used to do things; like: ‘Hey, remember when we used to send letters instead of emails?’ and ‘I used to try and find patterns in data, manually’.

Next, we’ll say: ‘The public cloud was what everyone was striving for, in the beginning’.

We often reflect, as businesses and people that, though past times may have been archaic, time consuming and inefficient, they were perhaps simpler. And when the public cloud became everyone’s end goal, it was a venture cloaked with simplicity but far more complex to achieve. For some it isn’t possible at all.

But cloud has evolved since the grand pursuit began – significantly.

It may even be going through the biggest reconfiguration of all the technologies – a revolutionary transformation of its own. One that’s running in parallel to the one you, your clients and businesses are undergoing all around the world.

Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President of International Data Corporation (IDC), sets the current context for cloud perfectly:

The old idea that everything would move to the public cloud never happened. Instead, the cloud market evolved to meet the needs of clients who want to maintain on-premises systems while tapping a multitude of cloud platforms and vendors.

In other words, the journey to cloud is finding new ground, through a more considered approach – the one that businesses really need.

It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true: cloud is all about the journey. And perhaps among all the racing to a single solution to answer all our needs, we’ve realised it’s time to tap into technology and resources that provide more balance between environments.

It makes more business sense – it enables better business outcomes.

With that in mind, and in this technology-led climate, taking the journey you need is crucial, because businesses are all at different stages of digital transformation and each have their own unique set of risks and challenges to overcome.

As a result, businesses are looking for precise flexibility. They’re looking for a solution that enables them to leverage the exact components they need, rather than change everything.

This can take many forms but, overall, this is all about cloud or on-premises environments that can co-exist with public cloud, that bring together all the best parts, to give those businesses everything they need.

So, wherever you or your clients are with cloud, it’s more important than ever to understand all of the options available to you, so you can not only experience better choice and flexibility but accelerate towards those all-important benefits.


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