IBM Cloud Paks A faster more reliable way to cloud management


A ready-to-use hyperconverged data platform. You’re all set to build a hybrid cloud foundation for your clients – and find yourself working in an environment that’s a combination of multiple components, with tools scattered on different release levels.

It happens all the time.

Your clients want Kubernetes that’s ready to go; you want an infrastructure that’s trusted.

Both needs are satisfied by avoiding stitching together component layers whose compatibility can only be painstakingly verified.

IBM Cloud Paks bring you a faster, more reliable way to build, move and manage cloud workloads and environments.


IBM Cloud Paks: Graduating from production-possible to production-ready

IBM Cloud Paks are a set of new offerings built with IBM-certified enterprise capabilities for deployment, lifecycle management and production use cases. With Cloud Paks, your team can avoid the extra effort and potential security risks of creating bespoke foundations for your hybrid cloud platform, and, instead, focus on solving your business problems.

IBM Cloud Paks use IBM enterprise-grade, certified full-stack cloud solutions for a faster, more reliable way to modernize and embrace cloud technologies:


IBM Cloud Paks Cloud Management
IBM Cloud Paks A faster more reliable way to cloud management

Container deployment choices

Transforming your business and moving to the cloud is an iterative process and requires a portable, container-based platform that enables you to build once and deploy anywhere in a simple and flexible fashion. It also requires a consistent set of management services to help streamline operations and manage costs as your workloads scale.

Secure and up-to-date software from a trusted source gives you the ability to deploy production workloads with both confidence and speed. IBM Cloud Paks are delivered through a rigorous IBM certification process that ensures that they are security-compliant, built using established best practices, and meet IBM standards for production deployments.

IBM Cloud Paks: Cohesive and consistent

Each Cloud Pak is founded on these principles:

– Run anywhere: Portable containers for running on-premises, on public clouds, or in an integrated system.

– Open and secure: IBM Cloud Paks have gone through stringent vulnerability and best-practices scans, so you can rest assured that you’re getting up-to-date software that secures the entire stack.

– Flexible and consumable: Common UI and consumption-based—pay for what you use and use the capabilities you want.

The five Cloud Paks being introduced are the following:

1. IBM Cloud Pak for Applications: Build, deploy, and run applications.

2. IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Collect, organize and analyze data.

3. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration: Integrate apps, data, cloud services and APIs.

4. IBM Cloud Pak for Automation: Transform business processes, decisions and content.

5. IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management: Multicloud visibility, governance and automation.

IBM Cloud Paks give you complete solutions helping you deploy cloud workloads faster and with a greater level of confidence, transforming many common tasks into a set of user-friendly configurable options.

Read this White Paper to discover how you can bring up to 75% more developer productivity and 84% more operational agility to your organization.

Then take a free 30-minute consultation with a cloud expert to discuss IBM Cloud Paks’ advantages when it comes to enabling a faster, more reliable way to build, move and manage cloud workloads and environments.






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