AI perspectives where we are now and what the future holds

I don’t know about you, but when I think of artificial intelligence, my first thoughts still conjure up the kinds of scenarios found in sci-fi movies, the kind that involves humans getting in too deep with creations that ultimately backfire on them in spectacular style.

The thing is, it just doesn’t work like that (though, please don’t come looking for me if an army of super-intelligent, self-created machines take over the world).

And this is just one example of how an idea has been developed in fictional works before it really found its feet in reality; we have the clever and creative people in the film and publishing industry to both blame and thank for that.

I think that’s why the divisions around AI exist. And there’s nothing wrong with that perspective, given that we attempt to place intelligence into human-like creations and talk to them all the time, with sometimes unnerving results.

But look, AI really isn’t that scary when it comes to the bigger picture, and its evolution is more about the simple quest to be smarter about how we do things in our world and understand it.

Back to my point about reality, and this is important because most people/businesses around the world probably don’t realise just how much AI is already infused into and touching our lives.

We’re using it to achieve results on a level that humans simply can’t get to, and for all kinds of incredible tasks, such as:

  • Teaching cars to self-drive
  • Detecting fraud across the finance industry
  • Diagnosing diseases
  • Bringing clarity to low quality images to aid justice
  • Assessing insurance claims more effectively
  • Predicting human behaviour
  • Voice assisting
  • Interpreting languages once thought of as lost
  • Monitoring crops for better agricultural outcomes
  • Reinventing in-store retail experiences

In the pursuit of the smarter use of data, these are just a few examples of what’s already going on around us. The exciting thing is that the possibilities are accelerating. As I write, I’m finding articles about how it’s even being used to create literature (though, reassuringly for me, it’s got a way to go before I need worry).

AI is about understanding patterns in data that we may not have even thought to question or observe, patterns that have probably always been there all this time, until now; as we grow more capable of taking a closer look.

It depends on data, entirely. Without data being collected and organised properly, it’s subject to bias and failure, so we must be sure we’ve prepared data to its fullest extent, before we go about analysing it and applying AI.

Before we get any further on that point, here are eight perspectives on AI, giving you an idea of where things are going and what it all means for a service provider like you, your clients, business and the world:

  1. Information Age – European spending on AI set to increase by almost 50% in just one year, Michael Baxter
  2. Forbes – Why Every Company Needs An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy For 2019, Bernard Marr
  3. Wired – AI and the Future of Work, Wired Insider
  4. CNBC – IBM CEO Ginni Rometty: AI will change 100 percent of jobs over the next decade, Lori Ioannou
  5. Tenfold – How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Decision-Making For Businesses, Dan Sincavage
  6. Verdict-AI – Artificial Intelligence in 2019: 26 Predictions for Business Operations, predictions from industry experts
  7. Interesting Engineering – 10 Essential TED Talks on Artificial Intelligence, John Loeffler
  8. Open Source – 7 predictions for artificial intelligence in 2019, Salil Sethi

In this increasingly complex business landscape and world, patterns are locked away that no human could ever have the time to decipher, and even then, we can only look for things we already have the mind to look for, not things we don’t. In other words, AI can tell us things we never thought to question.

You and your clients will need to start thinking about more than just the historic structured data available to you and more about the unstructured data, too. We can analyse so much more than ever before.

As I’ve pointed out, AI is already very much part of our lives and so many businesses are making ground in new areas, uncovering insights and pushing the boundaries further as a result.

You can, too.

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