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Sharing the latest technological trends and strategic knowledge that organisations need to compete in a world of major transformation, Madrid’s Think Summit of November 11 was attended by the industry’s major innovators, technical experts, and leaders.

It was the ideal place to experience cutting-edge technologies, work directly with specialists, build essential skills, and network with like-minded peers from around the world.

A variety of discussions and seminars explored how the speed of tech developments increases the need to establish trust, increase transparency, and address social issues through innovative technology. Cognitive manufacturing, for instance, can provide any enterprise’s full wish-list of maximum productivity, minimal downtime, an optimal supply chain, and the retention of operational know-how.

Special campus areas had also been set aside to host a variety of specifically tailored activities, including Security & Resiliency, Smarter Business, Data & AI, and Cloud & Infrastructure, with the latter delving into faster optimisation of infrastructures via smarter platforms and services.

The very best subject matter experts were on hand to take part in informative discussions, demonstrations, immersive experiences, and educational talks, while also allowing audience participation for those taking particular interest in the issue being debated.

The implications of an increasing adoption of the hybrid cloud, along with the advent of Quantum Computing, were of interest to everyone there, along with means of improving cyber security. Relive the event, or find out more about the key points delivered at Madrid and other Think Summits, by accessing the links provided below.


Think Summit, Madrid, Spain

Along with the agenda for the Madrid Think Summit, this site will gradually be updated with videos taken at the event. It also contains key speeches delivered in 2018, allowing you to discover how organisations like yours are use cutting-edge technologies to transform their and their clients’ industries.


Revisit Think 2019

The conference may be over, but its innovation, inspiration, and insights live on. Access our collection of on-demand videos and session materials to continue learning how to build a smarter business.


Think 2019 Chairman’s Address: Building Cognitive Enterprises

IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty and some of the world’s top CEOs and leaders share their journeys to the Cognitive Enterprise.


5 take-aways from IBM Think 2019

Celerity, Craig Aston

Hybrid cloud is going to be king for a number of years in the enterprise space

Hybrid cloud was a running theme through IBM Think 2019, all flowing from stats such as “over 80% of data for enterprises still resides behind corporate firewalls”, which shows that although public cloud has become important and prevalent in the marketplace, most medium and larger organisations will have a combination of on-premise and a number of public cloud providers.

What does this mean; it means that legacy skills remain very important, and that on-premise solutions remain very relevant, but that offerings from the channel have to ensure that they support this Hybrid cloud proposition. For Celerity this supports the move we have made into offerings being “as a service”, which can be delivered on-premise, through the public cloud, or in most cases in a Hybrid Cloud.

Security in this Hybrid Cloud world is going to be the challenge of the next decade.


Seven significant announcements from IBM Think 2019.

At this year’s Think 2019 the world was privy to many a critical lesson, inspiring story and valuable insight, and while the event of the year may now be wrapped up, journeys to becoming a more cognitive enterprise are almost certainly underway.

Fifty keynote speakers, 2000+ sessions and 180+ sponsors made the event a place of infinite ideas, one that played host to the innovation, insights and integrity essential to your clients’ and business partners’ transformation.

But it’s far from over, and the spotlight is not only on our technological future more than ever, but IBM itself.


Virtual conference experience

A place where you can find a combination of IBM people, partners and clients all helping to drive innovation in business impacting the world in a positive way. Here you can listen in to important speeches you regretfully missed, an opportunity to catch up on valuable insights that could help boost your and your clients’ businesses.


Summit highlights

See how cities around the world are exploring the topics and technologies that matter most to them


IBM Live

@ibmlive Your home for #IBM’s immersive event experiences. Learn more about our upcoming worldwide events and take part in the conversation.


An unmissable event

In short, the event was an unmissable opportunity to sharpen skills, meet technologists and thought leaders, and get hands-on experience of the latest technology, while also taking part in new, extensive professional networks.

Did you miss a Think Summit you now wish you’d been able to attend?

There are still places available at Think Summits taking place elsewhere across Europe as well as globally.

There’s also next year to look forward to.

Think 2020 is set to be IBM’s largest ever global conference

Over four days from May 4th to the 7th, there will be a new Think Summit being held in San Francisco, California.

And you can sign up for the latest event updates, breaking news, exclusive announcements and more.

So make sure you join us at a flagship event being held in a city near you, and explore insights and innovations that are shaping the way the world works.

Then you can really begin to Put Smart to Work for your clients.

Think Madrid

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