A cloud-centric world, with mainframe relevance

In a previous post we looked at the perspectives from Ensono and Kevin Stoodley from IBM on the transformational impact of the mainframe and whether it was an anomaly. Today, we take a look from another perspective – the mainframe’s relevance in a cloud-centric world.

As the foundation of banking, retail, energy, manufacturing, most of the public sector and beyond, the mainframe is not only far from being an anomaly, but an ingrained part of many companies. And it’s not going to change any time soon, either.

In fact, “80 per cent of the world’s corporate data is still managed by mainframes.

So, whether the trend for change and transformation tries to steer everyone down the path of cloud, the mainframe remains a relevant and strong system for today’s data applications.

That’s not to say that the emergence of cloud hasn’t changed its role, but rather than being overshadowed, perhaps the capabilities the mainframe offers means it can find complementary ground in today’s business IT.

In this blog, Ensono and Kevin Stoodley, IBM Fellow and CTO of IBM Z look at why the mainframe remains a capable and necessary part of the enterprise IT ecosystem.

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