6 key strategies to emerge smarter

Everyone is rethinking how business operates.

As part of this reinvention, there are six key areas enabling enterprises to emerge smarter, more resilient, and more agile for years to come.

These are:

  1. Work Safe
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Business Continuity
  4. Agility and Efficiency with Cloud
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Supply Chain

Let’s look at all these areas in more detail.


Work Safe

Basically, this area can be surmised as: work safe, work smart, and guard the health, safety and productivity of your people in a changing workplace.

Your clients need the ability to make informed decisions on when employees can safely return to the workplace, incorporating data on infection rates and self-reported employee health.

Along with this there comes facilities management, such as optimising space allocation, while workplace safety now necessarily embraces an increased range of responsibilities .These include accessing data for monitoring temperature, social distancing, and mask wearing, along with tracing potential exposures and ensuring employees can access services.

IBM Watson Works enables everyone to work safe and work smart.

Helping to guard the health, safety and productivity of your people in a changing workplace, Watson Works’ capabilities include workplace re-entry planning, facilities management, workplace safety, contact tracing, care management, and customer and employee care.

Embedding IBM Watson AI models and applications, Watson Works provides insights designed to help you and your clients:

Decide when to return to the workplace

Manage facilities and adhere to new protocols

Answer customer and employee questions on COVID-19

Connect employer data to entry privileges

Trace potential exposures and help access employee services

Stagger entry/exit times to manage density

Protect healthcare data and securely manage employee opt-in and consent

IBM Watson Works’ employee-centric approach to re-entry planning and workplace strategies is specifically designed to optimise any enterprise’s workforce.


Customer Experience

To exceed rising customer and employee expectations, and emerge from these uncertain times stronger, your clients need both fresh insights into consumer behaviour and innovative technology solutions.

Increased contact centre demand has put pressure on outdated workflows, yet there’s a growing need to create customer experiences that earn loyalty and trust.

Companies must deliver personalisation that adheres to consumer needs even as buying patterns change.

Through combining global expertise with Watson technology, IBM unlocks data value and responsibly applies AI to ensure customer relationships are more human and employee workflows more efficient.

IBM Watson delivers fast, accurate information on any channel, deploying features like chat and virtual agents to increase productivity and provide timely responses to both customers and employees.

IBM Watson Assistant, for instance, is a conversational AI platform that knows when to search for an answer from a knowledge base, when to ask for clarity, and when to direct users to a human.

IBM innovation unites every corner of a business around the customer, ensuring people remain at the centre of any enterprise’s strategy, and delivering experiences that instil trust from discovery to purchase and beyond.


Business Continuity

Are your and your clients’ business continuity plans designed to evolve with changing times?

Business continuity depends on enabling resilient models to mitigate risks, along with implementing readily deployable solutions that respond quickly and effectively to business disruptions.

Continuity can be strengthened with the right tools, technology, and skills to deal with any potential crisis.

IBM Backup as a Service (BaaS) enhances IT resiliency and business continuity through maintaining business operations, protecting critical data and assets, and effectively responding to threats.

Providing end-to-end management of data protection to address any unique backup, retention, and retrieval needs, IBM BaaS empowers data and application resiliency across an enterprise via a robust range of onsite, offsite, and hybrid cloud-based data protection solutions.

As well as enabling continuous access to data securely backed-up in IBM Cloud, IBM also delivers swift capacity-on-demand provisioning of cloud resources to meet fluctuating pressures, along with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) of business-critical applications and data.

IBM Business Continuity Advisory Services are also always on hand to help you and your clients evaluate resilience risks and optimise or establish capabilities to respond during crises and improve readiness.


Agility and Efficiency with Cloud

The digital economy continues to expand and change at an unrelenting pace – and businesses need to match this pace.

Today’s enterprises need agility, scale, and the ability to innovate. And high-performing organisations are more than twice as likely to have fully integrated their clouds.

An integrated cloud and AI strategy can improve business processes, drive business results, and propel digital transformation.

In today’s hybrid multicloud world, you and your clients can embrace modernisation, prime any data for AI, and cloud-enable applications in an easy step by step, phased approach that best fits an enterprise’s goals and architecture.

IBM and Red Hat’s unified architecture delivers unprecedented agility, enabling you to create, run and manage applications and data securely.

You simply build once, and deploy across all environments.

This “build cloud native” approach delivers more flexibility over legacy systems, while boosting development, speed and performance.

Your clients can operate and conduct business securely anywhere, while adapting at their convenience to changes without making any compromises.



When every second counts, you and your clients need a cohesively integrated defence to identify, orchestrate, and automate the response to threats.

Moreover, to build a foundation of trust, every enterprise must now implement a system enabling the right user to have the right access to the right data.

To thrive in the face of cyber uncertainty, it’s essential to build a customised security plan that is both industry-specific and aligned to an enterprise’s individual security maturity.

IBM Cloud Pak for Security enables the integration of existing security tools across open, multicloud environments.

Empowering the uncovering of hidden, potential attacks and more-informed, risk-based decision making, it grants access to IBM and third-party tools to search out threats across any on-prem or cloud location.

It also orchestrates responses to those threats – all while leaving data where it is.

And to fully ensure that all workloads remain secure, from processes to technologies, IBM offer other resources, including the IBM Security Strategy and Risk services team, IBM Security Threat Management, and IBM Security Digital Trust solutions.


Supply Chain

A smarter business starts with a smarter supply chain.

A smarter supply chain reduces operational cost while also driving resiliency, agility and predictability.

It may be built for today, but it’s ready for tomorrow, smoothly adapting to face any disruptions.

For instance, smarter supply chains scale to meet new demands as customer needs change.

They’re also more reliable, and designed to build trust between you and your customers.

As well as ensuing end-to-end supply chain visibility and transparency, IBM’s approach reduces operational silos, the associated risks of validating new suppliers, and the complications involved in supplier collaboration.

Through leveraging actionable real-time AI-based insights, IBM Sterling helps you and your clients act with speed and confidence when it comes to mitigating supply chain disruptions.

It automates decision-making where it makes sense, reducing inefficient, error-prone processes and optimising operations via intelligent workflows that securely integrate within existing systems.

Suddenly, supply chain network complexity is transformed into a competitive advantage.


Applying the 6 strategies

Are all these systems easy to implement?

You can innovate with speed and create cloud native apps for free on IBM’s open and secure cloud.

What’s more, partnering with IBM unlocks unique benefits enabling swifter development, along with monetising your solution at scale and opening up new avenues for growth.

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