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Boost your knowledge on ransomware, blockchain, and IoT by reading these five trending articles:

Top 10 phishing email subject lines that launch ransomware

By @CybersecuritySF @CSOonline

91% of ransomware attacks start through phishing. Share this article and email subject list with your customers to help protect them against cybercrime!


#2 Blockchain for IoT security: IBM, others investing in solutions

By @IoTiNews

Find out which vendors are making a play in the cybersecurity space with blockchain technology for Internet of Things, as a solution to securing transactions related to IoT devices.


#3 Responsive machine learning: The necessary evolution of endpoint security

By @JackDanahy @IBMSecurity

A summary of how endpoint security solutions that integrate responsive machine learning can benefit industries in ways traditional technology cannot.


#4 Beware of Ransomware everywhere, including mobile

By @MSPMentor

Ransomware has stolen our headlines during the past few months – first with WannaCry, then with Petya – but new research shows that’s not all service providers and clients should be worried about. Mobile ransomware is on the up! This article discusses 5 things you can offer your clients for optimal security.


#5 IBM’s plan to encrypt unthinkable amounts of sensitive data

By @lilyhnewman @WIRED

IBM claims it can pull off the previously impossible! The vendor says it can now encrypt every level of a network, from applications to local databases and cloud services, thanks to a new mainframe that can power 12 billion encrypted transactions per day.




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