5 trending FinTech articles that address AI, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and open banking

#1 The financial industry needs to start planning for the next 50 years, not the next five

By @HarvardBiz

According to McKinsey, financial institutions will see profits decline 20%–60% by 2025 if they fail to evolve digitally. Share this article with your clients to help them sustain growth in the changing market.


#2 The ultimate 3500-word guide in plain English to understand blockchain

By @MohitMamoria

This guide helps the average internet user understand the meaning of some FinTech buzzwords – Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency.


#3 Open Banking is coming. Here’s the very first glimpse

By @WiredUK

A giant change is coming for banking in the UK – Open Banking. This new directive will require the largest UK banks to give third parties access to their data, down to the level of current account transactions. Read the article to see just how Open Banking could be, before it comes into force in January 2018.


#4 AI is augmenting Morgan Stanley’s advisers — not replacing them

By @AmerBanker

Find out about Morgan Stanley’s mission to combine the best of cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and workflow technology with the human-touch.


#5 IBM launches blockchain-powered solution to combat data breach, cyberattacks

By @CoinTelegraph

Learn all about IBM’s new transaction system called IBM Z; a blockchain technology capable of running more than 12 billion encrypted cloud-based or database transactions, aiming to address cyberattacks and data breach in the financial services industry.



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