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#1 How artificial intelligence is defining the future of brick-and-mortar shopping

By @bendee983 @TheNextWeb

The future of retail is fast-changing as retailers gather in-store data and deploy artificial intelligence-powered solutions to enhance brick-and-mortar shopping environments. Read this article to discover the retail trends worth watching.


#2 Why retailers must embrace new shopping needs to survive

By @Telegraph

Share this article with your retail customers to help them understand the requirement to reinvest in technology for a new age of consumers as shopping needs change.


#3 As GDPR approaches, retail data breaches remain unacceptably high

By @helpnetsecurity

This article highlights the opportunity for service providers like you, to support retailers in becoming GDPR compliant. Recent research identified that 80% of retailers consider themselves vulnerable to data breaches, threats and attacks, and 75% are expecting to increase their spending on IT security as they take further steps towards GDPR compliance.


#4 Why data is at the center of leadership shakeups in retail

By @MarketingLand

How can your customers make the most of their retail data to truly meet consumer needs? Share this article with retailers to support them beyond the application of data analytics technology and help them understand the importance of a consumer-centric approach to their organisation.


#5 How blockchain is changing the future of retail

By @InsiderTrends

The wider capabilities of blockchain are already emerging, contributing to new opportunities for retailers. This article will help you and your customers understand how blockchain is transforming logistics, retailer to customer transparency, anti-counterfeiting, warranties, customer loyalty, and ecommerce payments.


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