#1 Data can do for change management what it did for marketing

By @HarvardBiz

The combination of predictive analytics, large data sets and processing power of computers is starting to transform change management into a data-driven model. This article helps us understand why data has failed to influence change management to date but is now making an impact.


#2 3 performance-boosting use cases for embedded analytics

By @DZone

Here’s 3 reasons why service providers should be utilising embedded analytics and offering the data solution to both enterprise and SMB customers.


#3 10 big data technologies you must know

By @joshinav

Everyone is talking about data science, predictive modelling, data mining and machine learning, but do you know the big data technologies that really matter? Read this post to get the lowdown on the tools and technologies that truly contribute to real-time, predictive and integrated insights.


#4 Why every business needs a data and analytics strategy

By @BernardMarr

As the world becomes smarter, a company’s ability to compete will increasingly be driven by how well it can leverage data, apply analytics and implement new technologies; therefore, having a robust data strategy is key. Learn the key elements of a good data and analytics strategy from this article and share this knowledge with your customers.


#5 Just buying into modern BI and analytics? Get ready for augmented analytics, the next wave of market disruption

By @Gartner_inc

As data volumes increase and become progressively complex, more customers will be searching for the next generation of analytics solutions that will enable them to make sense of it all. Read this article to learn about the emerging paradigm of augmented analytics, how it will impact the marketplace and the platforms available to help you deliver the solution.

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