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#1 Blockchain beyond the hype: What is the strategic business value?

By Brant Carson, Giulio Romanelli, Patricia Walsh, and Askhat Zhumaev @McKinsey

Blockchain has captured the attention of numerous industries, but the recipe for success in some has not yet emerged; making it challenging for companies to determine whether there is strategic value in blockchain that justifies major investments.

This report seeks to provide organisations with the answer, by evaluating the strategic importance of blockchain in major industries and the value the technology can deliver.

View the results of the research and discuss the findings with your clients to help them identify the true value of blockchain for their organisation.


#2 Blockchain’s next disruption: Business school programs

By @MsHannahMurphy

Business schools and universities are racing to launch new courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as more people demand better understanding of the technologies following the recent crypto boom.

This article looks at how institutions like schools and universities are coping with demand and preparing students for the future with courses on the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

As a service provider, you can support your clients in the educational sector by providing them with key information on blockchain technology through a variety of resources found here on the MSP Hub.


#3 What blockchain can’t do

By @ce_tucker and @ccatalini

While blockchain has the potential to do some great things and deliver value in a variety of industries, there are also some things blockchain can’t do.

For example, this article explains how blockchain track babies in a hospital ward. While it might seem a good use of blockchain, it would be difficult for someone to know which digital record belongs to which baby. To make it work, each baby would need a physical identifies through a physical tag, in the form of a small chip of genome record – and this is where blockchain falls down.

This is just one example given in this article of what blockchain can’t do. But in turn the article also identifies how, as the blockchain ecosystem develops, the keeping of digital records in sync with offline/human counterparts will present business opportunities.

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