Four trending articles on FinTech

#1: The future of banking: fintech or techfin?

By Jim Marous

The banking industry is experiencing a disruption once thought unprecedented and at an alarming rate.  Traditional financial institutions have begun to understand that a collaboration with fintech firms is the best option when considering long-term industry growth, not to mention the demand for such a partnership is increasing amongst customers.

This article discusses the approaching opportunities in banking and finance that will shape the industry’s future, with online and internet banking becoming more and more of a necessity (rather than luxury) to customers’ everyday lives.


#2: What the disruptive rise of fintech startups means for your business

By David Howell

Payments are the foundation of any service provided in the financial industry. In this modern day, every industry shift is now motivated by technology and having reliable, secure and flexible methods of payment is crucial for businesses and their customers.

The article is the first in a three-part series by IT Pro’s David Howell that examines how the payments industry is evolving in the face of new demand. It also dives into how the financial services industry is being reshaped by expanding customer expectations and how big tech firms such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are driving this change.

Part two:

Part three:


#3: What a no deal Brexit could mean for Fintech

By Madhvi Mavadiya

CEO and Founder of Open Vector, Carlos Figueredo suggests that a no deal Brexit could have serious consequences for fintech companies due to the uncertainty that it would bring with the lack of an official agreement.

Further experts and industry-leaders discuss passporting and what options are available to fintech organisations to ensure their supply chains aren’t affected negatively by Britain’s impending exit from the EU.

Read the article to get a close look into what finance and technology professionals are saying about Brexit’s impact on the industry.

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