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Now, more than ever, the people of the world are relying on your creativity and innovation to help them cope and come through these extraordinarily difficult times.

Globally, we’re facing unprecedented, interconnected challenges, and here at IBM we believe a combination of our technologies and your talents for generating solutions can help.

Now in its third year, the Call for Code initiative is the largest technical challenge of its kind, granting developers like yourselves the support and connections that could lead to answers to global challenges such as climate change.

Over 210,000 developers, data scientists and problem solvers have come together over the past two years to build more than 8,000 revolutionary applications.

The 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge is setting you the task of building solutions to stem the worst effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Can you take up the challenge?


Why focus on COVID-19? What can you do to help?

COVID-19 has revealed limits of the systems we take for granted, compromising our health, our planet, and our survival.

It’s a pandemic that poses not only a huge health concern – particularly regarding the elderly and those with impaired immunity – but also has had huge effects in uprooting societies and disrupting supply chains globally.

We’re asking the world’s developers, problem solvers, and subject matter experts such as yourself to help tackle this pandemic by:


Increasing awareness

Crisis communication, remote education, and community cooperation all help limit the spread of infectious diseases


Accelerating discovery

Accelerate research for the doctors, scientists and organisations working to decode and defeat the COVID-19 virus


Ensuring trusted information

Deliver accurate information from reliable sources to ensure better and more perceptive decision making


Empowering resiliency and adaptation

Enable resilient models for living, working and conducting business during times of uncertainty and crisis

So, are you ready to code and deploy solutions that address society’s biggest challenges?


The resources helping you arrive at a solution

You have the talent.

We have the tools, support and resources.

We’ll provide all the reference materials and technical resources you’ll need to understand the problems communities face during a pandemic. We’ll also let you know where your code could have the greatest impact.

To ensure you can build the solutions that provide the necessary remote education and crisis communications that enable stronger community cooperation, IBM also provides the very latest open source technologies.

This allows you to create an application that makes an immediate and lasting impact in societies around the world by using AI, IoT, data science, and the ground-breaking IBM Cloud open source development platforms.


Three easy steps to get involved

Accept the challenge

Learn more about the competition through the link provided below: see what you could win, and start coding with a free IBM Cloud account.


Build with open tech

Learn how you can make the most of resources like code patterns, expert videos, and tutorials to build your idea.


Find your squad

Whether you need to find teammates, meet experts, ask questions, or share ideas – there’s a community for you.


Let’s take on COVID-19 together – and you could win $200,000

When you’ve arrived at your solution, tell us what you’ve built and how.

If you submit it along with your Participation Agreement before July 31st 2020 , you could be in line to win $200,000. And winning solutions will be deployed globally.

The clock is ticking. Have you got the necessary skills and talents to arrive at what could literally be a life-saving solution?

Register now for free access to IBM cloud and unbeatable support.

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